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A Re COUNT is NOT GOOD ENUF! A Re COUNT Will NOT Adequately, Nor Effectively Address the situation,We Need a ReVote! A Total Do Over...

Thank You President Trump For Saving America...

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Dear President Trump,


We are respectfully requesting your intervention in the investigation and death of PrinceRogersNelson.


A simple arsenic test run on his remains, still held by Carver County Sheriff's department, could very likely prove conclusively and unequivocally that Prince was murdered. 


We have respectfully and repeatedly asked all of the legal agencies that participated in the oversight of this investigation to run this very simple test.


For one reason or another, they have all refused to do so.

(The following agencies were verbally petitioned to DO THE RIGHT THING; CarverCountySheriff's Department, the FBI, the BCA, Sgt. Dewitt Meier, District Attorney, Mark Metz, and the coroner's office)

The psychic evidence presented in Prince's case by evidential medium & J Project Founder, Abigail Noel has already been vetted and validated by outside sources to be over 95% accurate. The autopsy/toxicology, news reports and details from the investigation ALL support and verify Abigail's prophetic account of Prince's death. 

The JProject/J4P founding partners and supporters have been united from All walks of life and countries All over the world under One Truth... that Prince was murdered with a lethal dose of opiates and lidocaine (liquid cocaine) put in his juice smoothie by his personal chef Ray Roberts, the last person to see Prince alive. We also believe that Prince was being poisoned with arsenic for 18 months prior to his murder, by the same chefs, Ray and Juelle' Roberts. All evidence supports these claims.

All we need is one simple arsenic test to verify or deny these prophetic claims... and quite possibly PROVE THE MURDER OF PRINCE. 


We need you help Mr. President, to bring Truth & Justice 4 Prince 2 The World and begin the End of Tyranny for All. 


ThankU 4 Ur Service Sir & ThankU 4 Saving America,

The J Project/Justice4Prince Founding Members

Abigail Noel

Kevin Stearns

Megan Roehl

Israel Torrelas 

Barbara Jenice Lester

Nathan Fullbrook

Addi Lana Donald 


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